Great wine starts in the vineyard...

And the growing conditions for growing grapes in Bucks County rival the best in the world.  Fertile, well drained limestone soil, moderate year round temperatures, and good average monthly rainfall.  No floods, earthquakes, irrigation, blistering summers or vine injuring winters.  Our grapes grow and mature the best way...naturally.

Our vineyards are planted in French hybrids, vinifera, and native American varieties.  Wine snobbery aside, we find all three species produce drinkable wines that appeal to many different people.

We harvest through September and early October with a French made mechanical harvester, which gently shakes the ripe grapes off the vines and deposits them into a stainless gondola.  Though a major investment, we prefer this method over hand picking, because with our vineyards and winery on the same site, we are able to pick in the cool early morning and process the grapes within minutes.  They don't sit in the hot sun for many hours like many hand picked grapes.

Any season is a great time to visit a winery!  Check out our contact page for hours and directions.