Our wines...

You will find almost two dozen varieties of wine at Buckingham Valley, ranging from deep colored oak aged reds to light whites.  Still, sparkling and fortified.  Very dry to deliciously sweet.  Mostly from grapes, but also from apples. strawberries, blackberries and raspberries.

Winemaking is both an art and a science, and you will find as many ways and opinions are there are winemakers.  We do what we have found through over fifty years of experience to be best for our particular varieties to produce our desired style of wine.

White wines are made from white grapes, quickly pressed after picking to preserve fresh flavors and light color.  Red wines are fermented on their skins long enough to extract the desired color and complexity before being pressed.

Most of our wines spend their time in stainless tanks, being racked (transferred to another tank, leaving the sediment behind) several times.  White, rose, and fruit wines are usually bottled in one to two years.  Red wines are oak aged for a longer time before bottling. 

While we still use some traditional old world methods, our processing facilities and equipment are state of the art; the best of both worlds for consistent quality and style.

We are the only winery in Bucks County, and one of a few in Pennsylvania that produces Methode Champenoise sparkling wine (champagne).  Our sparkling wines are world class award winners, yet very reasonably priced

We consider wine to be one of the basic food groups.  To be enjoyed with meals or without.  To be consumed without ceremony or snobbery.  To be affordable for every day drinking.  Thus our wines are very reasonably priced.